Western Trust – Addiction Services

Inspire Addiction Services

  • Peer Group Support

To access our addiction support services, call 028 906 64434 or email addictionservices@inspirewellbeing.org to speak to a member of our team.


Northlands Centre Derry: 02871319185 (self-referral)

A residential rehab and non-residential counselling program for those with addictions.

AA: 02890351222 (self-referral)

Group support for those with alcohol addiction

ASCERT: 08002545123 (self-referral and through agency)

Therapeutic support, intervention, group life skills program, training, support for families and rapid response service for those with addictions.

Start360: 02871371162 (self-referral or through agency)

Mentoring and employability service for those leaving care, support for those in custody with addictions, support for women leaving custody, personal development programs for  those aged 16-24, support for young fathers, mentoring and advocacy for those in Hydebank, support for those with self-harm/suicidal ideation issues, support for ex-service members who have been in contact with criminal justice system, support for ex-offenders, life skills and harm reduction programs and therapeutic services for children.

GamCare: 08088020133 (self-referral)

Support for those with a gambling addiction including counselling. Advice, blocking software advice, self- help tools and money management.

AlAnon: 02890682368 (self-referral)

Group support for family members of alcoholics

Alateen: 028 90682368 (self-referral)

Group support for teenagers with alcohol addiction

Narcotics Anonymous: 03003651010 (self-referral)

12 step program and group meetings for those with drug addictions

Pharos Barnardos: 02890663470 (referral through social worker)

Therapeutic support and interventions to young people under 25 who have a parent with a substance misuse

Cuan Mhuire: 02830849010 (self-referral or through GP)

Support on alcohol and gambling issues. Also, an inhouse 12-week detox program.

Community Drug Therapists: 02882835445(self-referral)

Counselling service for those with drug addictions.

Asha Treatment Service: 02882835453(self-referral)

Recovery and rehab ward for alcohol and drugs treatment

Drinkline:  03001231110(self-referral)

Confidential helpline for those with an alcohol addiction or those supporting someone with an alcohol addiction.

Northlands Centre: 02871313232(self-referral)

Addiction treatment centre both for residential rehab and non-residential counselling.

Foyle Haven:  02871365259(self-referral)

Low threshold harm reduction day centre for those with homelessness, addiction, isolation, and mental health issues. Everyone is allocated a key worker to help them reach their goals.

SOLACE: 02868628741(self-referral)

Befriending, advocacy, and support service involving intensive support and harm reduction to those in the community with addiction issues.

Divert Project:02871269327(self-referral)

Prevention and early intervention for children, young people and families affected by their own or another’s substance misuse.

HURT: 02871369696(self-referral)

Drop-in centre for holistic approach to addiction issues. Includes advice, counselling, and alternative therapies.

Extern Derry Crisis Addiction Team Derry Crisis line – Tel: 028 7126 2300