There is some excellent new material on Community Wellbeing this week. Age NI represents the interests of older people, many of whom will contend with a trio of challenges this winter: cold homes, hunger and social isolation.

The cost-of-living crisis is fuelling these problems. Rising food and fuel bills present obvious obstacles. So, too, does the increased price of getting around. As recent YouGov polling bears out, the current economic situation is affecting people’s ability to connect with those around them. Over three in 10 respondents said that it would be difficult or impossible to meet up with family and friends.

Now, as the clocks go back and we head into the colder months, good advice is more vital than ever. Age NI has hosted a fantastic online workshop, designed to help people make it through these worrying times. From cash-saving and budgeting tips to information on how best to conserve and use electricity sensibly, this helpful webinar is free and easily digestible. Topics covered include:

  • Understanding how heating systems work
  • Investments for long-term savings
  • The need-to-knows about energy bills
  • Helplines and support services

In fact, Age NI has also published an energy efficiency guide for older people, which talk looks at things we can do around the house to stay warm and save money.

You can request a copy here.

As well as these resources, Age NI’s website is home to very important guidance on benefits and entitlements, and avoiding scams. Be sure to check it out.