Information and advice on managing and understanding anger.

While emotions can have a helpful role in your daily life, they can take a toll on your emotional health and interpersonal relationships when they start to feel out of control.

Anger is a powerful emotion. Many people have trouble managing their anger. If it isn’t managed appropriately, it may have destructive results for both you and others around you. Uncontrolled anger can lead to arguments, physical fights, physical abuse, assault and self harm. On the positive side, well-managed anger can be useful to motivate you to make positive changes. All great social movements had their beginning in someone feeling angry. Anger is a powerful tool for social change on a personal and societal level. We can use our anger as a tool for change.

Accepting emotions as they come helps you get more comfortable with them. It can be frightening when your emotions, like anger, overwhelms you. But there are ways you can learn to manage your emotions when you find yourself in difficult situations. 

We have highlighted some resources on how you can cope with emotions and building resilience moving forward.