Being Ready for the Worst Days

Being Ready for the Worst Days

In times like this all we can do is take each day as it comes- some of those days will be better days and some will be worse. While it’s not nice to think about, if we are prone to darker days where it all feels too much, it is really important to make a plan for those days in advance.

Use the table below to make your plan for those toughest days now, and then put it (or a post-it reminding you that you have it) somewhere that you’ll see often, including in those worst moments.

If you are self-isolating but feel like you might not be safe on your own for long periods of time due to mental health (i.e. you could hurt yourself or do something dangerous), make sure to tell someone you trust, and link in with mental health services early! Your GP should be able to refer you to an appropriate service by phone consultation.

If you do not feel safe now, call 999 immediately!

A plan for the worst days:

How will I spot my ‘worst days’ early?

• What are my warning signs that things are getting bad?

• What do I tend to start doing or not doing when I am in a bad place emotionally?













What can I do for myself to get through these days?

• What have I done in the past that’s helped me through really difficult times?

• What can I do to self-soothe? (think about music, food, activities, meditations, things you can think or say to yourself, things you can read, pictures you can look at, online group calls you can join, things you can imagine)












What could others do to help me on my worst days?

• What have others done/said/reminded me of that has been really helpful in the past?

• How would I ask them to do that for me?

• Do I need to tell a few people in advance that it would be really helpful if they could do these things for me if I call and am upset?











Who will I call on my worst days (friends and family)?

• Who am I comfortable talking to about how bad things can get?

• Who will respond most helpfully for me during those very hardest moments?














Who will I call if after trying these things I still don’t feel any better?

• Are you already linked in with a mental health service? If so do you have a key contact or is there a duty number for the service? Write it down below.

• Have you used any helplines in the past, or do you know of any?











Samaritans:116 123

SANEline: 0300 304 7000

Lifeline: 0808 808 8000




Who will I call if I feel like things are so bad I might hurt myself or my life could be at risk?










How can I make my environment safe if I start to feel unsafe?

• Think about putting anything you have that you could hurt yourself with in boxes and bags and taping them up and putting them out of sight

• Don’t have alcohol or drugs in the house if you start to feel like you might hurt yourself

• Is there someone else in the household who you could talk to and who could keep these things for you so you can’t access them without someone knowing?











What do I have that’s worth staying safe for? Think about:

• The people in your life and what they want for you

• The wide variety of things you could achieve for yourself or do for others in the future

• Goals and ambitions that you had set previously that you can still return to once these events are over

• Happy memories in the past and the opportunity to make more, different, new memories in the future