Support with grief and bereavement

Speaking with others can help you process your grief. Don’t isolate yourself – get support. 

There are resources and support groups that can help if you are struggling with your grief.

Grief resources

These resources may help you while you are grieving.

National support agencies

Online support networks

Some people find support on websites or through social media groups and accounts. You might find these options helpful

Ask your GP about local grief support groups if you would prefer meeting people in real life to getting support online.


It’s important to be kind and patient with yourself when you are grieving. Making time for self-care is part of that process. Here are some ways you can look after your wellbeing

  • Don’t isolate yourself – spend time with others
  • Do what your body needs – in the immediate aftermath of a loss you may find that you sleep a lot or that you’re particularly teary. Allow your body the time to recover from the trauma you’ve been through
  • Be gentle with yourself – allow yourself the time you need to recover. Don’t expect that you’ll be able simply to pick up your old life back again after an arbitrary amount of time
  • Remember your loved one – find ways to connect with the memory of your loved one, whether that’s talking or writing to them, looking at photographs or talking about them with others
  • Treat yourself – good, old-fashioned self-care rituals like massage, hair and beauty appointments can take your mind off your loss – let yourself be pampered
  • Integrate the 5 steps to wellbeing into your daily routine – here are some ways you can do this

Always get help if you are struggling. You can speak to your GP or to a support agency.