Support with food, pets and living expenses

Help for the things you need and care about


Food banks are places in your local community that can help if you can’t afford to buy the food you need.

Getting help from a food bank

Usually, you can’t just walk into a food bank and get food. Instead, you need a referral from a local advice organisation, your doctor or health visitor, social services or your housing officer. They will give you a voucher that you can swap for food at the food bank

Staff at the food bank will welcome you, offer you a warm drink and chat about how they can help. They may have pet food and cleaning supplies, as well as food, and often know about other ways you can get help.

Find your local food bank

Help with pet expenses

Pets are a huge source of comfort, especially when you’re experiencing mental ill health. But pets cost money.

Here are some organisations that may be able to help with pet expenses:

Help with essential items

Charities like the Family Fund, Glasspool and Buttle UK can help you pay for essential items like white goods and furniture.

Talk to your local advice agency if you need help with essential household items. They may be able to help you find what you need.


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