Five Ways to Tackle Workplace Stress 

Research shows many of us have been putting in extra hours since the start of coronavirus restrictions . In fact, those of us who are working from home have increased our working week by almost 25% and are logging off at 8pm, according to a recent study of UK workers.

With burnout a real risk, it’s as important as ever to make sure we’re managing our stress in a way that helps us to stay physically and mentally healthy.

MindWise are sharing some guidance to help us combat stress, take care of our mental health at work and find support.


Start a stress diary

Maybe you’re feeling stressed about work but you’re not sure exactly what’s causing it. Keep a stress diary for a few weeks to identify triggers and changes you need to make.

Our first tip is to check in with yourself every evening. Note what went well, what triggered your stress and how you responded. It’ll help you identify patterns and make the right changes.


Commit to change

Decide what practical changes you need to make to reduce your stress and involve your manager if you need to. For example, adjustments to your working hours or reallocating stressful tasks.

Picture how you’d like to be living and use that as a motivator for change. Be specific about what needs to change – it might be as simple as not checking emails after 6pm, so you can focus on family.


Don’t suffer in silence

One in three of us have experienced mental health difficulties at work, so your employer has likely dealt with similar situations. Know that with support, many of us can manage stress in line with the demands of work.

If you decide to tell your employer about your stress or mental health worries, choose someone you trust who is in a position to help you. Be clear on scenarios that cause you stress and how to address them.


Manage your money

If you have to take time off work due to stress or mental health difficulties, money can become a concern. It can be tough to talk about money issues but there are organisations who will offer free support.

If you’re worried about money and debts you can turn to MindWise’s Mental Health & Money Advice team for free professional support. Simply call 08088010373 and choose Northern Ireland.

Employers can do their bit

Stigma still exists in some workplaces so it is important for employers to provide ongoing mental health education for employees and offer support for those who may be struggling.

For employers, letting staff know that it’s a strength to ask for support for stress and mental health difficulties will help those of us who are struggling to come forward and receive the help we need.