Following the success of 2020 (#RelationshipsRocks) & 2021 (#LoveYourself), Relationships Week is back this year from September 5th-12th, 2022.

Relationships Week 2022 – ‘Milestones’

Engagement. Wedding. House. Kids.

For generations, these are the milestones we have used to measure success in our intimate relationships. But times are changing. More and more people are delaying or choosing not to have children. Homeownership has become unattainable for many of us. And a wedding is now just one of the many ways of showing your commitment. And what about the importance of relationships with our friends, families and colleagues?

The traditional relationship milestones, while completely valid for those who want them, no longer suit everyone – so it’s time we started celebrating new ones too. That’s why this Relationships Week, as Relate celebrates the milestone of turning 75 years old, with an upcoming policy conference on September 6th and the launch of a refreshed brand, we want to recognise the new milestones that matter to many of us. Whether it’s deciding to not to have children, finding our chosen family, recognising the anniversary of our oldest friendships or appreciating the support we give to our neighbours – we can relate.

Get Involved

Tickets are now on sale for Relate’s 75th Anniversary Conference, Relationships Matter: The fundamental Role of Healthy Relationships for Families & Communities in NI. Register for your ticket now!

Relate will be releasing further information about events to mark this year’s Relationships Week in due time. Until then, we are keen to hear from anybody who has been affected by the work of Relate NI over the past 75 years.

Relate is also developing an asset pack to assist organisations to create their own content around Relationships Week and the Milestones Theme – if you would like to collaborate or have any questions about getting your organisation involved, either online or otherwise, please email