The cost of everything seems to be increasing – from energy bills and rent and mortgage costs to weekly shopping.

Covid Wellbeing is home to a range of resources designed to help people through these challenging times.

Gas, oil and electricity prices have all increased by large amounts in the last year. And further increases are coming. There are things we can try to decrease our energy usage and budget for our energy bills

It’s been a tough few years and people may feel exhausted by everything that’s been happening in the world. It’s important, therefore, to protect our mental health if we’re feeling overwhelmed by bad news and there’s advice for that here

Worrying about money can contribute to poor mental health. And living with mental ill health can mean that money problems become more severe. Being kind to ourselves is important; as is reaching out for help when we need it. Have a look at this page to read about ways to look after one’s mental health in times of crisis.

A person’s mind and body need time to recharge. Losing out on sleep and self-care time can make us feel irritable, confused and irrational. A good sleep routine has loads of benefits.

Financial pressures have knock-on effects on all aspects of life. Luckily, there are lots of organisations who can help us manage household budgets and deal with our debts. Click here for budgeting and money advice.