Cost-of-living 24

Providing information and advice on the rise of the cost-of-living. 

Support with the rising cost of living

As the cost of living seems to be increasing – from energy bills and rent and mortgage costs to weekly shopping- it can put additional worries, stresses and pressures on us all. On this page, we have highlighted help available; whether you need support with your mental health and wellbeing, help to manage and deal with expenses or ideas for low-cost ways to relax.

Information and signposting to help with money, bills and budgeting

Money and Debt Advice

Sort out money problems and relieve financial stress

Food and Energy Costs

Information and signposting on food and energy costs

Benefits and Grant

Advice and information on a range of  benefit issues. 


Housing Advice

Information on help with housing costs,    rent arrears and mortgage debt’

Support for people with Disabilities

Get information on support for people living with disabilities

Carers Support

Information and advice for carers

Pet Expenses

Get help with pet food and other expenses

Older People Support

Information and advice for older people

Find local advice

Find local money, debt and benefits advice in your area

Information and signposting to help with mental health and wellbeing

Advice for Parents and Carers

Information and resources for parents and carers

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Information and resources on mental health and wellbeing

Addiction, Gambling & Substances

Information and signposting around addictions

Need support? Give our team a call

Advocacy for All

Advocacy for All helps adults with mental ill health find and connect with the services they need


Know where to turn when things get tough

Taking care of your wellbeing. 

It’s natural to worry about rising costs and how you’ll cope in the future. But it’s also important to take time to look after your wellbeing.

Our Take 5 database lists some things you can do to relax, unwind and have fun without spending a lot of money. Click on the button below for our guide to Take 5.